Thread: Need a Code to display .jpg files

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    Need a Code to display .jpg files

    I am using Turbo C++, as IAM just a beginner.
    Well, I require a code that can help me display .jpg , .bmp files
    can any body give me ??

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    Hm, seems the case be you are using DOS. If so, then head on over to which is the place for all your file format needs. [Us old school DOS mongers need this...] If DOS is your main platform then I also recommened getting DJGPP at and also RBIL (Ralph Brown's Interrupt List), which I recommend you search for because there are various sources. First thing's first, you'll need to get yourself in a video mode, for that I recommened getting a copy of the VBE standard, I believe up to 3.0 is available for free. You'll be doing VESA, I presume. If you have anymore questions feel free to PM me or reply here on thread so that others can add input.

    Good luck!
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    you can use the SDL liblary to show .bmp file and also there are liblarys under linux maybe there are some ports for windows check it out but sdl has windows port
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    This may work

    Try looking up GDI+ library from MSDN, it can load JPG, BMP, GIF, WMA, TIFF, BMP, etc.. its a quite simple set to use.

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    never mind all that other nonsense...

    the independant jpeg group is an organization that distrubutes the code you're looking for freely.

    Have at it. Warning though. The code is purely, nasty C.

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