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    Question Need advice on a good C++ book...

    Hi, I want to learn C++. I am a very good C programmer (12 + years). What is the best book out there to self teach with. Thanks in advance! Rocco

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    12+ yrs c programming then c++ should be no trouble once you learn to think in objects.

    for starters i like deitel and deitels c++ how to program. This will give you a good overview of the language. Most of it you will already be familiar with or take no time at all to pick up on.

    once you have read that i would move onto maybe bruce eckels excellent volumes thinking in c++. This is available as a free e-book from his website. 2 volumes.

    After that the best books left on just c++ would be anything by scott meyers ( effective c++,more effective c++) or the c++ programming language by bjarne strostroup.(this one is heavy going and not particularly well written but the info is there)
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    Cheers Stoned! Have you or anyone else out there ever heard of a C++ book by Leendert Ammeraal? Opinions please.

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