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    enable/disable mouse cursor

    anyone know of a WINAPI or ASM call to do such function (particularly in DOS mode or console window)?
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    you can find asm functions in the flashdaddee assembly board
    in particular, look up interrupt 0x33. for a question on the winapi, visit the windows forum.

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    In winapi:

    ShowCursor(FALSE);//makes it not visible
    ShowCursor(TRUE);//makes it visible

    The ShowCursor function displays or hides the cursor.

    int ShowCursor(

    BOOL bShow // cursor visibility flag


    Specifies whether the internal display counter is to be incremented or decremented. If bShow is TRUE, the display count is incremented by one. If bShow is FALSE, the display count is decremented by one.

    Return Values

    The return value specifies the new display counter.


    This function sets an internal display counter that determines whether the cursor should be displayed. The cursor is displayed only if the display count is greater than or equal to 0. If a mouse is installed, the initial display count is 0. If no mouse is installed, the display count is -
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