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    The question you have to ask yourself is when the C standard changes or is revised, does the C++ standard adopt all of the changes? I'm not sure that they do.

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    There was a really good article in the C++ user journal about this topic writen by Bjarne himself. It outlined alot of differences that is becoming a bigger and bigger obstacle for future progress of C++. It sounded like Bjarne think we are getting to a cross road where we will see some significant seperation betwen C and C++. If you have the chance I can highly recomend to read it.

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    Other then that I would strongly recomend to not mix C and C++ in your code. The languises(sp) promote two different programming styles and your code will look better if you know if your working with C or C++

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    If you have a C++ program that is just a bunch of functions, it is basically C isn't it ? Someone's signature said something like "Many C++ programmers use a subset of C++ known as C++--" and I think that's what it was getting at.

    At least we have "C" In our lives...I feel bad for mainframe developers in the olden days who used to use assembly and cobol and stuff.

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    in major compilers like gcc you can insert even pascal or assemly and do not forget something every c program is a c++ program
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    Originally posted by onurak
    do not forget something every c program is a c++ program
    ok, I'll bite. Explain that one. How in the world is every C program a C++ program?

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    Yes, I would like to know the answer to that one./

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