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    Question CGI Programming in C/C++

    I'd like to know if it's possible to use C/C++ to write CGI programs. I guess you would have the executable on your web space and in the web page you would have to pass variables to the program for it to run, but I'm not too sure on how to do that.

    Does anyone know any ways of doing this, or any good sites to learn it from?

    Regards, Paul.

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    hello, internet!

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    CGI with C/C++

    It is possible you may only be able to use Compiled C/C++ Scripts with Windows servers, also depending on your servers configuration. has tutorials and prewritten C/C++ CGI applications and tutorials on writting them.

    I am certinly a fan of C/C++ and prefer to do all of my console programming with it but I do prefer using PHP for my web scripts. I find it easier compatible with more servers and platforms. is an excelent resource for that.

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    it is possible check there are a lot of pre made examples
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