I have been programming for a while now and have dealt with many compilers and editors. I always liked Borland (http://www.borland.com) as my compiler but it was always a pain to configure and use every time from the command line. I found an excellent editor called cEdit (http://cedit.sourceforge.net) that has syntax highlighting and works with many different languages as well as C/C++. It took me quite a while to get them to work together so I wouldn’t have to go to the command line after saving the file cEdit and manually compiling from my DOS console with Borland. Most of the problem was configuring Borland, that's why I wrote an application that will do all the Borland configurations as well as configuring cEdit to work with Borland. You never have to touch a text file.

The zip file is about 49k and contains a compiled executable and the source file.

Let me know what you think… ENJOY!