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    I can't figure out how to do random numbers!!!! I want to make a random # between 1 and 100, but It makes the number whatever it wants! How do I set a range, and make it so the random number is inputed into a variable?

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    FAQ!!! Nobody reads it, so we will keep seeing this question.

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    I read it, but I still don't understand them.

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    Thisis something I would like to know also, if someone could be so kind.

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    Talking I'm just what the doctor ordered!

    This is a random number generator I made because I was not satisfied by the one provided by Standard C/C++.

    This one is automatically seeded after you declare the class object within your code and you simply have to call the random_tololot() function.

    You can just hotwire the source like so:

    PHP Code:
    #include "random.cpp"

    int main(void)
    RANDOM go;
    int num;
    /*...some other code...*/
    num go.random_tololot(11000);
    /*...some more code...*/

    return 0;

    I'm assume you know how to handle simple classes. If you do, then just fire away!
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    Another option --

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main()
            int i;
            int minumum = 1;
            int maximum = 100;
            srand(time(NULL)); /* seed randomizer with current time makes rand() rather more unique on each call*/
            i = minumum + (int)(rand()%maximum); /* simple but not recommended */
            /* i = minumum + (int)((double)maximum*rand()(RAND_MAX+1.0)); is better */
            printf("\ni is %d\n", i);

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    beg_g, I believe you must take the modulus as (max-min+1) to get the number in range. Otherwise you could have numbers outside the range.


    min = 98; max = 100; rand is 44
    ->rand % max = 44
    ->min + (rand % max) = 142


    rand % (max-min+1) = 2
    min + rand %(max-min+1) = 100


    PS: depending on the random number generator, I believe you can lose "randomness" by taking modulus. You might be better off scaling the value into the appropriate range and truncating the mantissa.

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