Thread: help with creating a hash table

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    help with creating a hash table

    I'm writing a program that find solutions to the 8-puzzle game

    I need to make a hash table that has 2 operations

    member(node *) which takes a pointer to a node and determines if the board in the node is equal

    // member method to see if a value is in the table
    // I'm not sure how to adapy this code
    int hashtable::HLookup(int value){

    // get the index
    int index = hash(value);

    // get the location in the table
    node *p = table[index];

    // p is the head of a linked list, so now we need to
    //scan the link list to find the value
    int found = 0;

    while(p != NULL)
    // see if the current element matches
    if(p->value == value)
    found = true;

    // go to next element
    else p = p->next;

    return found;


    insert (node *) which puts a new node in the hash table

    // insert method
    //not sure how to use a pointer here
    void hashtable::HInsert (int value){
    node *p = table [hash(value)];

    if (p==NULL){
    table [hash(value)] = new node;
    table [hash (value)]->value = value;

    else {
    while (p->next !=NULL){
    p = p->next;
    p->next = new node;

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    How much of the hash table have you implemented? Are you having trouble with some part of it or just getting started? Try searching the boards, I've posted two full implementations of a hash table, one very recently that may help.

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    how do i find your hash implementations?

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    2nd entry on search for hash table with author prelude revealed this.
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