Thread: Type Name Expected HELP!!!!

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    Angry Type Name Expected HELP!!!!

    I am trying to learn clanlib yet i have a very simple program and It still wont compile with borland c++ 5.5

    The error is Error E2303 clan.cpp 5: Type name expected

    The code is:

    #define BORLAND
    #include <ClanLib/core.h>

    class ClanGameApp : public CL_ClanApplication
    virtual char *get_title()
    { return "Title goes here"; }

    virtual void init_modules()
    { CL_SetupCore::init(); }

    virtual void deinit_modules()
    { CL_SetupCore::deinit(); }

    virtual int main(int, char **)
    { return 0; }
    } ClanGameApp;

    Please Help fix this!! email me at

    Thank you!

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    er, sorry to sound like a e-jut. . . but what's ClanLib?

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    It sounds like the linker hasn't found the files you are trying to include so there is no type name available for the compiler to recognize. I would try using double slashes in the path name, and try using the full path name instead of the file and subdirectory only. You could even try with just core.h instead of the entire path name.

    #include <C:myComputer\\ClanLib\\core.h>


    #include "A:download\\ClanLib\\core.h"

    or whatever.

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