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    A simple soultion please

    Ok..i am new to C++...very new. I have a class and I have a project due....the task at make a program that inports a smaple text file and echo prints it..then counts the number of words in the I got it to do that..but if I put more than one space between a word it adds and exra one onto the how do I get it to count the gaps instead of indivuduale spaces? there has to be an easy solution to this...but i cant find it anywhere..if you can offer any would be greatly appritiated.

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    I don't think you should attempt to count the gaps. Depending on how you are reading the file you can get the read to halt when it reaches whitespace (the end of a word), so everytime it halts you add one to your count of words and then you loop to read until the next whitespace is encountered and so on until you reach to end of file. If you are unsure post some code.

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    If you read until you encounter a space then add one to the count and continue reading until a non-space character is encounterer and then continue your regular loop. Something like this pseudo code:

    while (not end of file)
          Get a character
          write a character
          if ( '  ' == character )
                add one to word count;
                     get a character
                     write a character
                }while( '  ' == character  || '\r' == character || 
                             '\n' == character )
    I've added another boundary condition if you run into the end of a line (carriage return ('\r') and line feed ('\n') they don't count as a word new word. This is for the case where the start of the next line is a space. You also need to put in logic to catch end of file while reading for non space characters.

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