Thread: Where to start?

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    Where to start?

    I'm a newbie to programming. I mean it's always interested me since I was 15 yrs. old, but I never really had any help learning and wasn't too serious about it anyways until recently when I started looking at online Tutoials. I decided to learn C++ because it seems like the best language there is. I'm curious as to what kind of programs to start writing after the tutorial? Should I make goals? or just continue to write meaningless programs forever..I guess I don't know what to challenge myself with. Usually it's either way too hard or too easy....any suggestions?

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    I believe the best next step is to think of some sort of program that you consider to be useful. something like a address book or something else big that you think you can't do. Then think about the different thing you need to complete this task. Start doing it and if you run into something you don't know how t do or do not completely understand write little meaningless programs to help you get to where you want to go. Then when you are done with your program you should look at it as a skeleton and keep on building by adding functionality or appearence. Then when ur done with that you do it again making the programs more complicated as you go on.

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    he's right the meaningless programs u make are the most meanigful of them all!

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    Here're some meaningful programs:

    1) Given a time at Texas, calculate the time in New Delhi, India

    This will sound stupid, but it is amazing that you discover many
    things you dont know trying to write this program...
    the problem starts with converting everything in minutes...
    comparing... etc..
    (check the internet for time zone conversions, (for e.g. India is GMT + 5:30 Hrs))

    2) Given distance in Kilometers, convert it to Miles
    Do the same with other units (pounds-kgs, etc)

    3) Write a program that multiplies matrices (this will be
    helpful in doing your homework if you're taking Matrices
    in school) .. i wrote one myself, and i use it to check my

    4) Given a string, encrypt it... now don't say this is useless, this
    is one of the main reasons why computers are used by
    the military

    Good Luck!

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    Thanks too all.. I have realized that it is very exciting compiling and running even a simple program....maybe i'm weird to think it's exciting but I do, it's like landing a new trick on my skateboard..thanks for the input everyone.

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