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    global and local variables

    i want a bunch of sub routines, but be able to use the variable in the sub routine, outside of the sub routine. for example:

    void info (void)
    do all this stuff which includes int a;

    int main()
    now here i want to use a, but outside the sub routine, for example
    cout a;

    how do i do that? when i get home i'll paste the actual program im trying to do, thanks. It doesnt recognize a outside the sub routine.ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED

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    you could have info return the value you want to use outside the function. For example:

    int info ()
    do all this stuff which includes int a;

    int main()
    int a;
    a = info();
    cout << a;

    hope this helps

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    reference parameter

    when using a sub routine you can either yes assign the value of the subroutine to a variable in order to store and use it later in the program.

    Or you can use reference parameters

    declare your subroutine or subfunction

    void subroutine( variabletype &variablename);

    void subroutine(variabletype &variablename)
    // when calculations are done in here now it will be passed back
    //up to the function in which it was called from

    void main()

    int a = 0;


    cout <<a; // the new value will be there

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