Thread: help with pseudocode?

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    Unhappy help with pseudocode?

    i dont know much about c++, but i wanted to help a friend get this into c++ code.. any help would be great =)

    Initialize Finished and Queue;

    int count = limit read in from user;
    Node * initialPosition = node containing initial board position;
    Node * finalPosition = node containing final board position;
    Set pred pointer of initialPosition to NULL;
    Add initialPosition to queue;

    while( Queue not empty )
    Remove a node N from Queue;

    if ( N is in Finished )
    ; // do nothing
    else if ( N is the same as finalPosition )
    Report success and print pred list from N to initialPosition in reverse (i.e., N last);
    count --
    if(count == 0) // Count unique board positions examined
    Tell user that can't find board within limit;

    Insert N into Finished;
    Generate a list L of all children of N;
    forall M in L
    if( M is not in Finished )
    Set the pred pointer of M to point to N;
    Add M to the Queue;


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    >but i wanted to help a friend get this into c++ code.. any help would be great =)
    So what is your problem so far? Have you run through the pseudocode on paper to see if the algorithm works? If so then transferring it into C++ is relatively trivial if you have a good reference handy.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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