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    is fflush(stdin) legal? the online docs i read all contradict each other.

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    > is fflush(stdin) legal?

    > the online docs i read all contradict each other
    There's only one doc which is worth reading in this respect, and it's the ANSI-C standard.
    You can get a free copy of the last C99 draft

    If stream points to an output stream or an update stream in which the most recent
    operation was not input, the fflush function causes any unwritten data for that stream
    to be delivered to the host environment to be written to the file; otherwise, the behavior is
    Since stdin is never going to meet those conditions, fflush(stdin) is always undefined behaviour.

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    >But it is one nice topic for people like Prelude to pomp on.
    I try to rid the world of undefined behavior, thank you for noticing.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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