Thread: Cannot Execute a C++ Program

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    Cannot Execute a C++ Program

    I am a beginner and I am using TCC. I have this code which i managed to compile. But when I try to run it it gives me the following errors:

    Files: Tcdef.dpr cannot be created
    Files Tcdef.dsk cannot be created.

    Can somebody please help.
    Thank you very much


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    I've never heard of tcc, but in any case you'll have to be more specific. Post some code. There's any number of reasons files can't be created. If you have successfully compiled, the program should run, generally speaking, although not necessarily correctly. Sounds more like compile or linking errors.

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    From memory, and I'm going back a bit here, Turbo C writes the project settings to the .dpr file and your desktop settings to the .dsk file. These are not files you create or modify, rather the IDE looks after them. ISTR it writes them when you exit the IDE.

    If the IDE cannot write these files, I would have a look at your installation/IDE settings and make sure you are not trying to write to somewhere that doesn't exist, or that you have no access to.
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