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    Unhappy Tile based in console...?

    Somehow I think curiosity is going to kill the cat her but...
    Is it possible to make a console tile game. I was thinking about using a 2d array of numbers. 1 can be walked on 0 cant.
    Lets say this is my array:

    Int array[6][6]=


    this would mean a whole different movement then Ive been using. (Just a gech(); switch with putxy()

    how could I go about making the 1's apear as a specific character and the zeros as well. Thanks if you can help
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    for (int i=0; i<6; i++)
         for (int j=0; j<6; j++)
              case 1:
                   cout << char1;
              case 0:
                   cout << char0;
         cout << "\n";
    It's simple as that. char1 and char2 can be any character you'd like to show.

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    create a function that reads the array, and creates a new vector based on what was in the original array. with this, you can say make an 'x' for every 1 you have.. if you are always using a 6x6 it should be easy. I am not sure of if there is a way to actually change the numbers within the array to characters.. but changin the output to a vector and converting to desired text would work. (you should also try a matrix.. it might work better.)

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