Thread: Opinions on Reading Material.

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    Post Opinions on Reading Material.

    I'm going to buy a book on C++, but I haven't decided what aspect of C++ yet, or anythign else for that matter, I was at chapters today, only to get lost in a sea of C++ books.

    Can someone give me a reccomendation on a book (under $75 Canadian) which covers one of the following topics, basics to advanced console programming; Game programming with DirectX; or Windows programming. I really have no idea which is good reading, which is bad, what to look for, etc.

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    for the language... i'd go with C[++]: complete reference... for DX, davidp would know, PM him...
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    Depends on your level of understanding

    If you have some knowledge of C++, you might consider getting a book that covers windows. I personaly have a book called SAMS Teach Yourself Visual C++ (some people say don't buy this book). It has helped me ALOT! I also have 2 different colege books that cover consol programming. They have helped me get the basics down of C++. And then my refference section of 7 books. Microsoft Visual C++ Reference(5 books), Visual C++ Core Language (Little Black Book), and finaly Debugging Visual C++ Windows (More on catching/preventing buggs).
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    Well the thing is I don't know what level I'm at, I'm completly self taught, and I'm writing console programs with increasing ease, so the first couple chapters of a C++ book would be a waste to me, (also, I have access to, but I don't know what path I should take now.. DirectX, OpenGL, Windows Programming, etc. I'm completely lost!

    The last windows programming book I read the first few chapters of, (it was called 'Visual C++ in Record time') was complete bull. I'm sorry, all It showed me how to do was use MFC's, It was out of control, it would give me 20 pages of code, not explain any of it and finish there. I'd really like to get into some windows programming, or DirectX as I said above, but I don't want to make a stupid mistake and buy a bad book...
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