Thread: pass be reference versus pass by value

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    pass be reference versus pass by value

    Hello all,

    I am new to C++, and have a quick ?, I am having trouble understanding what is the diffrence between pass by reference and pass by value??

    I've read pass by reference is better as it'll make a copy of the parameter so that the orginal will not be altered, but by value will allow the the original to be altered?? it this correct or do I have it the other way around?? I'm just not getting this concept?? could someone please explain( and which one is more dangerous), I really new to C++ so want to make sure I completely understand all the basic concepts.....

    also, by reference: int function (int parameter)?? is this correct with the &....

    many thanks

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    My friend. You have that backwards. Passing by reference will allow altering of the original. Where as pass by value makes a copy...

    pass by reference sample
    void MultiBy2( int& iValue)
           iValue = 3 * 2;     //value will exist out side of function  
    pass by value
    int MultiBy2( int iValue )
          iValue = iValue * 2;
          return iValue; //iValue returned and must be captured in variable i.e. int myValue = MultipBy2( 2 );
    The important thing is when you have large objects that are not feasible to pass by value such the contents of large string because when you pass by reference you are passing the 32 bit address instead of the values within the object.
    You can also prevent modification when passing by reference by adding the key word const i.e. const int& iValue......
    This enables passing large objects by reference for read only purposes... Make sense?

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    thanks to both cleared it for me.....

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