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    Memory problem

    Are there any mothods or tools to help me get the image of the memory? The memory leaking is killing me now.

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    I know this is way above my head but would you please care to give us some more info about what you are trying to do? What memory leaks? How about clean your code up? There is third party software(not ms) out there that garbage collect your memory. You could also turn to the .NET framework but for some reason I don't think that is what you are looking for.

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    Red face

    It is based on Win2000, i wanna free software to get all the processes and threads in my coding at run time.

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    check all new, delete, malloc(), free(), calloc(), realloc(), among other things.

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    but,sometime it is hard to find them when the project grows bigger..........

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    it is better to prevent leaks than to deal with them through third-party software. even if it is a big project.

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