Thread: is void* dangerous ?

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    Question is void* dangerous ?

    my book said a pointer like that could convert into some other data type. Thus it should be popular but Bruce Eckel said later that we'd better avoid not using it, why ???
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    One time I was walking down the street when all of the sudden a void pointer burst out of a trash can and attacked me...

    They are not dangerous. But you need to be careful because casting pointers can get you into trouble if you are a newbie and don't know what it is that you are doing exactly.

    void example1(void *arg) {
        char *str = (char *)arg;
        *str = 'a';
    void example2(void *arg) {
        long *array = (long *)arg;
        *array = 'a';
    int main() {
        char str[256];
        memset(str, 0, 256);  //zero out the array
        cout << "string value: " << str << "\n";
        cout << "long value: " << str << " (different much?)";
    Remember that different data types have different sizes. So make sure you are familiar with pointers before playing around with void *'s.

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    thanx. I'd better practice something about pointer first.
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    it's dangerous to miscast pointers, yes.

    that is true of all pointers who have been cast in strange ways. void * is no different but that doesn't make the use of void * wrong. You just have to learn what makes miscasts dangerous by trial and error mostly. Have fun, "you've taken your first step to a larger world"
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