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    Lightbulb here..

    I worked my butt out (to improve it) and I came up with this :

    PHP Code:
    int checknumber(char array[20])
    int i;
    int minuscount 0;
    int pointcount 0;

    int bad 0;

        for (
    i=0; array[i]; i++)
            if ( array[
    i] == 45)

            if ( array[
    i] == 46)

            if( array[
    0] == NULL || array[i] < 45 || array[i] == 47 || array[i] > 57 )
    bad 1;
    i>&& array[i] == 45)
    bad 1;
        if (
    minuscount || pointcount 1)
    bad 1;


    The function returns 0 for no errors and 1 if there are errors

    1) . is valid
    2) -. is valid
    3) x. is valid (where x is a number)
    4) array can't have more than 20 elements. increase this if you want.
    Also, if you're using cin, ' ' (space) will give strange problems.

    I hope this will be of some use to you.

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    thanks it helped alot. i modified it a little thouhg but it helped a lot!
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    There is a group of istream methods; good(), fail(), clear(); that can do input error checking for you, too. You should look up the syntax, but I think it something like this:

    cout << "input a floating point number;
    float num;
    cin >> num;
    if( if(!cin.good())
      cout << "input error, not a valid floating point number" << endl;
      cout << num << endl;

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    Don't count on good() catching bad input beyond the first digit.

    Where it works nicely is in a simple console-based program with a menu, for example, where a single digit is expected as input. However, as long as the first character read into the stream is a digit, you can put in anything after that and the compiler will accept the input as valid.

    As you might discern, it makes no distinction between ints and floats. I know there are a lot of folks that wish that determining the validity of a float were that simple.

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