Thread: public function returning const char * of private member

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    public function returning const char * of private member


    I have a constructor, which calls a get member function. Unfortunatley, the get member function causes errors during run time.

    The get member function is entitled getLayerName() and returns a pointer to a constant character private data member. The return type is classified as const to prevent the user from altering the private data member.

    Function definition for getLayerName():

    const char * Layer::getLayerName()
    { return layerName; }
    Here is the declaration in the Layer.h header class file for layerName and getLayerName:

    const char * getLayerName();	
    char * layerName;
    Below is the constructor for the layer class, which calls the getLayerName() public function.
    The line with strcpy(buffer, getLayerName()) is giving me run time errors.

    //begin constructor
    Layer::Layer(char * fileName, char * wsDir)
    	setLayerType(fileName);			//from file extension
    	setDataSetType(fileName);		//from file name/layer type/univType
    	setLayerName(fileName);			//from file name/layer type/univType
    	setVisible(fileName);			//from univType
    	setId();						//auto updated		
    	setDataSetName(fileName);		//from file name
        setWorkSpaceDir(wsDir);			//given from invocation
    	char buffer[50];
    	strcpy(buffer, getLayerName());
    }	//end Layer::Layer constructor
    Why wont the strcpy function take the return from getLayerName() and copy it to buffer?
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    Have you allocated memory for layerName?

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    The Dog has asked what I was going to say.

    You call the setLayerName(fileName); in your constructor, but
    are you allocating memory for layerName there? If not, that
    could be the error -- referencing a pointer that is mere garbage and no heap.

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