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    Operating system programming

    how would i go about writing my own operating system in C++?

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    First, you need to learn asm.

    P.S. Go to the forums at

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    first of all you need some background info on what is required to run one and all of its stuff it needs to do. and you also need to fully understand windows programming in c++(or is it c++ in windows programming) i think. also knowing like assembly might be helpful. I recomend making a shell or 2 before going off into a OS.

    if you need bckground info on OSes etc I recomenend using the best search engine ever! (though it looks pathetic)
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    Why to use C++?

    to write an operate system , it's not advised to use C++!
    First, its speed is not proper to run an os.
    Second,C++ is a very larger and complex language.
    C++ is finally complier to C code then to machine code.
    so,why not to use C or asm......

    to write an system,there are many stuff to study, I think Linux
    is a very useful source to you. but it is written by C (gcc),
    AT&T C and gas assembly.....

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    Take a look at Nachos Layout

    Hi You,

    Nachos is instructional software for teaching undergraduate, and potentially
    graduate, level operating systems courses. The Nachos distribution
    comes with:

    an overview paper
    simple baseline code for a working operating system
    a simulator for a generic personal computer/workstation
    sample assignments
    a C++ primer (Nachos is written in an easy-to-learn subset of C++,
    and the primer helps teach C programmers our subset)

    The assignments illustrate and explore all areas of modern operating systems, including threads and concurrency, multiprogramming, system calls, virtual memory, software-loaded TLB's, file systems, network protocols, remote procedure call, and distributed systems.

    Pratik Parikh

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    I don't think a thorough understanding of windows would be of any relevance in writing an OS as windows is not the OS that you would be writing. I think it is less important what languages (yes i meant to be plural) you use as much as it is important that you get a decent grasp on dealing with hardware. You also need to create a file system as well as a threading system. I think this sort of project is one that could be a fun one, but you should try and keep things simple otherwise you will be overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have to do.

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    ok ok, enough of this anti-C++ crap when it comes to OS'.

    just look at BeOS

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    It really doesn't matter what language you use. I wouldn't suggest C++. I would suggest C and asm but that assumes you know asm. For all I know you write C++ code that is more optimized than any asm code you make. Since it would be your os and would probably only work on your machine why not use c++?

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    in programmers heaven there some little operating systems that can help you to write your own
    C++ Makes you Feel Better

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    >>and you also need to fully understand windows programming in c++

    Why would you need to understand windows programming, (unless you want to base your operating system's API on it?)
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    Windows isn't an OS,that's just what microsoft wants the people that think windows is chips in the computer instead of some stupid,worthless,unethical,destructive,stunting,gi ganticaly wasteful program to think.
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