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    I have two chapters left in C++ Primer Plus 3rd edition. As a reward to completing the book I would like to get a Magazine subscription on C++ programing. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good magazine for my level of programming (not quite a newbie).

    I am currently programing under dos/windows environ but would continue under linux and may consider both routes depending on my hopes for future work. What would you suggest.

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    I have not finished C++ Primer 3rd edition but I know that it is an awesome book.

    Linux is easy enough to acquire if you have a high speed internet connection. I had to install mine on a second hard drive so my system is duel boot. I find that programming in Linux is way better using gcc and g++ along with emacs. The g++ compiler conforms more closely with standard C++ than any Microsoft compiler that I've used.

    I'm not aware of any C++ magazines. There are a lot more good C/C++ books out there though.

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    This is a usefull one. Treats C++ and tools at several levels, from beginner to expert.

    This is a famous programming magazine, not only C++.

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    doesnt have a e-zine? i forgot where u sign up. i think it is mentioned on a sticky or on the index page.
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