Thread: big trouble in c++!!!

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    Unhappy big trouble in c++!!!

    hi ,
    well i just needed some help. i get this error message when i try to compile using borland version 5.02.
    " unresolved external '_main' referenced from c:\bc5\lib\c0x32.obj" please help me. thanx to ya..
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    I am guessing you are trying to compile and link a file that doesn't have a main defined. Are you working with multiple files?
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    sometimes people get this when they try to do windows programs without setting up a windows project. WinMain vs main is usually the issue. if you set up your project as a DOS/console app you need main(), if you set it up as a Windows App, you need WinMain. could be your problem. dunno

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    The same error had me stumped yesterday and the problem then
    was that the function prototype didnt match the function header.

    I had.

    void BubbleSort(int array, int arraySize);


    void Bubblesort(int array, int arraySize)

    Hope this helps.

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