Thread: a little OT, but, criticism and avice wanted !

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    a little OT, but, criticism and avice wanted !

    Sorry for such an oddball question, but, i need a little advice and anybody's point of view who wants to reply.

    Im going to be building a custom pc. I'm going to building it from the ground up, card by card, motherboards, ram and the whole works, even a power supply n fan n all that stuff. All this i can figure out myself.

    It will more then likely be comprised of the following:
    AMD Thunderbird 1ghz - 1.4ghz ( 1.2ghz maybe, but shoot, 1.4 if i can )
    anywhere from 1gb - 2gb ram ( maybe 1.5 )
    Voodoo Banshee 16mb 100mhz video card definately
    - this might be replaced tho by a video card with that video out technology that ISN'T composite
    10-15gb hard-drive
    Crystal sound card...or anything that isn't creative labs
    It might have more then one hard drive
    52x cd rom ( not sure on that, it's in a room somewhere dont have it right off hand )

    Anyways the proccessor is the MOST important part in this setup. Anything over 256mb of ram wil do for what im using it for. Video card will help, but it does'nt need to be outstanding ( 64mb etc ). Soundcard needs to be something other then creative labs ( sound blaster ).

    Im setting this computer up ONLY for a arcade machine emulator. That's why the cpu is the most important part in the equation. With the emulator im setting it up for alot of the arcade roms ( games ) REQUIRE 1ghz of cpu speed NOTHING else. Some require 1.4ghz, arcade technology is so advanced you could play some of the emulated games and it would bring your computer to it's knees. But, the technology is there, so they are emulated. You just can't play them yet cuz the cpu power isn't available. Some require something crazy like 7ghz.

    Ok, now, im going to put the "bare bones" system files for Windows 98 Second edition on a disk to prepare for the hard-drive. Windows 98SE is the best platform for the emulator, all the other OS's crop up little annoying problems.

    Taking a look at this computer's hard-drive, I have about 1gb of nonsense to get onto the other hard-drive. I have alot of misc file that will prolly raise the space requirements a few hundred mb ( prolly hmmm 200mb ). I could throw a 1gb+ hard-drive into the tower and temporarily hook it into the new pc. This would allow for a VERY fast copying proccess that wouldn't rely on burning cd's. Then i could just wipe this temp hard-drive clean and use it for backup ( i have 2 extra hard-drives actually... ).

    Should I create a C Install program to do mass amounts of immediate copying and installing?

    Should I use C++ to do the same?


    Should I use Visual C++ for the ease of dialogs. I could then do the simple file copying with vc++ ( CopyFile(code goes here); ) to do it all and attach progress bars and things. With the dialog route, it would look much neater and you could possibly have a little more flexibility.

    All n all I want 1 simple execution of file copying once I get the new hard-drive setup. I just want to know which programming language / offshoot I should use to do it with.

    The drive will kind of be like a Zip drive on steroids. It will have this program on it that will install all of the programs from it onto another hard-drive. The reason I would prefer to do this: hardly any of the programs have setup / install programs.

    Thaks for any advice / criticism !
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    Sounds ok to me.
    If you havent bought all the hardware/parts go here and check out some prices on hardware.
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    How can you pair a processor made in 2001 with a video card made in 96?
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