Thread: Can anyone help a newbie

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    Can anyone help a newbie

    I've just started learning C++ and I need to finda way to add, subtract, multi, and divide fractions. Any help would be great!

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    well...I'm not good myself need to have different variables for the numbers and then the operator...for example, you can initialize two integer variables:
    (Note: you must type #include <iostream.h> at the top of your cpp file)

    int num1 = 0;
    int num2 = 0;

    next you decide on an operator...say multiplication.

    cin>>num1; /*that's the code to get a value for the first
    variable from the user*/
    cin>>num2; /*that's the same thing for variable num2*/

    //now to display all the information... cout<< is ConsoleOUT
    //anytime something is in quotes " " they are literal

    cout<<num1<<" * "<<num2<<" = "<<num1*num2<<endl;

    /*in that last bit, we basically num1, the * symbol, num2, the = symbol, and the answer to the multiplication question*/

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    Try this:
    float x = 4.25;
    float y = 1.165;
    cout << (2*x)+(y/3);

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    Thanks alot for the help i think i got it.

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    You better get some tutorial on what are INT/FLOAT/DOUBLE .. then you'll be able to use them. Hint: Float and double are real numbers, but float is a little different. It's got a FLOATING POINT.
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    Now if you want to do this:

    (1/2) + (1/3) = 5/6

    in fraction form, not using decimals, like we all did in arithmetic, that's another kettle of fish that you can try when you get to classes and overloading operators, etc.

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