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    Arrow Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 ---> dude, just read this.

    I was wondering....when you make a cpp file in microsoft visual c++, and then execute the program, how come it is in a console window(the thing that looks like DOS)??? I don't like how that looks. Say i wanted to make an executable file and show someone. That would look really crappy. So, someone please explain.

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    If you don't like how it looks get Borland C++, the console app in that will look the same but with a white background and black text. Your best bet if you don't like how the console looks is to learn how to make your own, hence the name Visual C++.

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    hit alt+enter to make it look like a DOS screen

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    um...your probable making a console app, so if you dont want it like that, then you'll have to make a windows app and learn windows proramming, but like xterra said, you can press alt+enter to make the console full screen.

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    ahh, yes....VISUAL c++. so... how DO i make my own window? or something like that. can you do really cool stuff in c++. i mean, when you started out (like me right now) you probably thought it was cool when you could make output in the window (i think its cool). can you do much cooler stuff?

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    when you guys say use "windows programming" and stuff like that i have no clue what you mean. please explain. Also, i tried going under the build menu and click "buile exe". Then i go to my executable file and double click it. if i have a user input thing (cin>>) it closes right after i hit enter. whats up with that? also, "windows programming"? is that possible with microsoft visual c++?

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    Sure, you can do windows in msvc++. Would hardly be a microsoft product if you couldn't. When you start a new project, pick mfc app .exe. This will start you on the way to making a window, kind of like ms visual basic. Windows programming involves more than outputting to the console screen, though.

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    I started in MSVC programming dialogs (still do). They are easy to learn.
    It doesnt take much to learn how to use them, though I would suggest getting a book that covers VC++.
    Any one here can tell you what book that they use, but it really depends on what you want to learn.

    My first suggestion would be to stay in console learn as much as you can.
    When you come here and you feel confident in answering someone elses problems, then switch to the windows part.
    Then my suggestion would be to make a dialog project and go from there.
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    if i have a user input thing (cin>> ) it closes right after i hit enter. whats up with that?
    What is your active configuration? Debug or Release? To check this look under Build/Set Active Configuration. If you are building in Release mode, you will have to add a pause at the end of your program or the app will shut down after completion. In Debug mode, it will always prompt you to hit enter before closing.

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    Yes, it all depends on the type of project workspace you build as to what type of application. You are currently writing Win32 Console applications. This is the best application type to use in order to learn the definition of C or C++.

    To pause the screen, include this statement at the point in the program where you want to pause. The program will pause until you hit a key:
    Do you know how to use the command shell? If so you can impliment it with the system command. For example:
    //clear the screen
    //copy a file
    system("copy source destination");
    Also, execute your program under the debug menu, choose execute. Don't have to double click the executable.
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    so using the system thing I can just do a command just like it was part of a batch file or at the dos prompt?

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    A very good place to start is "Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++ in 21 Days". I can hear the advanced programmings snarling right now. That's where I started. Visual C++ ( Micro$oft ), was my first crack and any format of C, C++, or anything similar. I'm backtracked to cover some basic / intermediate conecpts of C & C++.

    TYCVC++ in 21 Days starts you off with building a dialog version of the infamous "Hello World!" program. Dialogs are all those little Canvas boxes commonly found in configuration menus and always found during a Windows installation program. Very good spot to start at when being a beginner. I recommend it.

    Hello World ------> Databas applications.

    If you need help finding it, I believe I have the following PDF's:
    Teach yourself visual C++ in 21 days
    Visual C++ Second edition
    C++ Unleashed

    Myself, im itching to find some good assembly tuts....
    The world is waiting. I must leave you now.

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