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    Text file parsing

    how in C++ would you go about parsing text files.

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    It depends on the format of the text file. What do you want to do? Read something like a .ini file (pairs of identifiers/values), make a scripting langauge? Read straight data?
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    My guess is that in C you would use pointers or indexes into arrays, while in C++ you would use iterators and generic containers.

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    What is parsing?
    (no I don't know what parsing means, shoot me)

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    I'm not sure,

    What I need to do is parse a text file for commands.


    MakeWin("Window Title Goes Here", left, top, 100,100)

    and I need these commands to run in my main program.

    I have these functions in my program I just need to get the commands from the file to implement them.

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    in case this will help

    void MakeWin(char *WindowTitle, int x, int y, int xx, int yy);

    is how I declared the function and then I have a library that has that function within it, that I have written.

    I am making a multitasking gui app for dos that I uses my own custom commands for both drawing and getting mouse clicks, etc.

    The only way I have found to multitask is to execute scripts rather than .exe files.

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    Window Title ;self explanitory
    100 ;x
    100 ;y
    100 ;width
    100 ;height
    [Part of File.cpp]
    char WindowTitle[100];
    char x[4], y[4], width[4], height[4];
    int ix, iy, iwidth, iheight;
    ifstream fileload("File.txt");
    fileload.getline(WindowTitle, 100, ';');
    fileload.getline(x, 4, ';');
    fileload.getline(y, 4, ';');
    fileload.getline(width, 4, ';');
    ix = atoi(x);
    iy = atoi(y);
    iwidth = atoi(width);
    iheight = atoi(height);
    MakeWin(WindowTitle, ix, iy, iwidth, iheight);
    I dont know if you can get ints with getline() so i just stored them in a char then atoi'd them
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    Thanks much okismokie, um

    is there a way to keep the command and the variables on the same line like the cpp compilers do.

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