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    Quick Inheritance questions


    I am performing inheritance on a class entitled "Layer". My derived classes will be entitled "Point", "Line" and "Polygon".

    My questions are as follows:

    1) Do the base classes require a default constructor (with default attribute assignment)?

    2) I have a destructor in my base class and my derived class. Do I need to call the base class constructor in my derived class? My compiler gave me errors upon trying.

    3) Can you call a derived class (my "Point" class mentioned above) from a base class (my "Layer" class mentioned above).

    Thanks for everyone's help
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    1. No, but they do require a constructor. If you aren't calling one explicitly in the initailizer list, the default constructor will be called if it has one, or else you'll get an error.

    2. The base class destructor is called automatically

    3. If Layer takes a Point argument, or has a pointer member, then it can call a Point method. Otherwise, it can't. However, you can do the opposite, namely call a Layer method from Point.
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