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    quick question

    I have a quick question.
    how can I make a program stop and then start running again by pressing a key. something like 'readkey' and so to resume. I want to use this so the user on my program can read the text displayed before it is cleared by the system ("CLS").

    thx in advance.

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    char ch;
    cin >> ch;

    in the above sequence the program will pause indefinitely as long as the input buffer is empty at the time the line cin >> ch; is encountered and will resume as soon as any key is entered.

    if your compiler has the conio header file, then you can use the kbhit() function as an alternate mechanism.

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    system ("pause"); i think it uses the same header as for the cls one
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    thx. the system ("paused") was what I wanted.

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    must be in

    It must be in one of these:


    But how do we get to check which function is in which ?

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    It's in stdlib.h .

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