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    compiler book?

    Can anyone recommend a noob book for the V C++ compiler ?

    Ideally, cheap (right ) and common enough to turn up at Borders/B&N.

    I'm teaching myself C++ from a SAMS book and I'm using DevC++. However, I just got an intro copy of V C++ and I can't make any sense of it at all...


    -Dev-C++ 5.beta somesuch
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    I'm assuming that you're just learning C++ and that you're not programming windows programs.

    1. Open MSVC++
    2. Choose new from the file menu. Select the project tab on the window that appears
    3. Select Win32 Console application and fill in a project name
    4. Click OK!
    5. Select 'An empty project' (This is important - it gets you out of all the other MSVC++ crap)
    6. Click FINISH! Click OK!
    7. Select new from the file menu. Select the files tab on the window that appears
    8. Choose C++ Source file and fill in a file name
    9. Click OK!

    That should open up an empty source file. When you're ready to run your program, choose build from the build menu (F7). MSVC++ will compile your program and show errors at the bottom. Run under the build menu (ctrl-F5) will run the executable.

    Most of the stuff that you can't make sense of is used for debuging and windows programming. I recommend that you stick with DevC++ (find a 4.0 copy, not the v5 Beta) unless you really need MSVC++.
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    Borlancd C++ 5.5

    Try Borlancd C++ 5.5

    My favourite compiler!!!!
    But it doesn't have an IDE. gives the help files which are very useful.

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