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    Question visual C++ docs error

    I just installed Visual C++ intro edition(came with a book) and when I try to use the accompanying documentation or help menus it locks up during the 'initializing for first use' process.

    Any ideas? I need the docs, man I can't make any sense of this thing without 'em.


    BTW - I searched Microsoft's site and there was no mention of this issue, nor could I find any applicable patches, etc.

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    thats me ^

    Forgot to log in...

    Also, I completely uninstalled and reinstalled twice, with the same results.

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    what OS? how much ram do you have? etc
    if you dont meet the system requirements ( I tried to install Borland 5 on a real old pc for development purposes ) I find that it's not just like a game where it may run choppy, things will completely hang on something as large as a compiler.

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    its a P3, 366mhz w/64megs RAM. Not great but it should be fine for this, eh? oh, and, Win98.
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    I dug out my MSVC++ Learning Edition and installed the docs to see if I would have a similar problem. It seemed to hang a couple of times, but I let it ride and after a couple of minutes it finally installed. That was with a PIII-750. Have you tried just letting it go for awile (like overnight or something)?

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