Thread: Class Constructor errors

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    Class Constructor errors

    i am having trouble getting this silly thing to work.

    i am getting an error that says "return type specification for constructor invalid"

    i am using dev-c++ to compile it

    it is the 24th line down, with the //THIS LINE HAS THE ERROR

    // Player class declaration
    class Player
    char playerName[15];
    char sex; // Male or Female (M/F)
    short int health;
    short int strength;
    short int agility;
    short int magic;
    short int gold;
    Player(int str, int agi); // constructor
    ~Player(); // destructor
    void reportStats(); // shows stats
    void attack(); // kill monster
    void move(); // move N, E, S, or W (do i need parameters?)
    void rest();
    void getPlayerInfo(); // name, sex

    // constructor definition
    Player::Player(int str, int agi) // THIS LINE HAS THE ERROR
    strength = str;
    agility = agi;
    health = 10;
    magic = 20;
    gold = 20;

    Player::~Player() // destructor (does nothing for now)

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    the error

    found the error. i forgot to put a ; after the } =P

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