Thread: Inheritance related question. Is this correct?

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    Inheritance related question. Is this correct?

    People, tell me if this is correct. Im doing this in order to save some code in my constructors, but dont know if its a good practice, a bad one, or incorrect.

    Suppose I have two classes, a Control class and a derived Window class (class Window : public Control). They both may point to a Parent, and the pointer is set at construction time.

    Control::Control(Parent* parent)
    m_ParentPtr = parent;

    // init stuff

    Then in the Window constructor:

    Window::Window(Parent* parent)
    // is this correct?

    // init Window related stuff

    Ok, hope you understand my question. Im also calling a lot the default constructor in some overloaded ones like:

    // init basic stuff

    Class:Class(int foo)
    m_Foo = foo;
    Class::Class(); // call default constructor


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    found my answer in another forum. Try this URL.

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