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    Hey I am needing to learn how to program network app's and i need to learn how to program using C++ or C to accomplish this, i have a app that requires network programming so it can communicate with computers\server you know, so i need a good book that teaches basic C\C++ network programming so i can finish my chat program and other prog's, please let me know of any books that may help, preferably able to be bought at borders but any place will do. Thanks!

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    Check out reviews here

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    Well if your only programming for the windows platform my suggestion would be Network Programming for Microsoft Windows. I read/skimmed parts of it at borders (heh, where else can you get coffee, breakfast, and then read whatever you want for an hour) and it seemed pretty good. If your planing to try and make it a cross platform program then um.... well use java heh

    Get the book @

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