Thread: compiler problems with borland

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    compiler problems with borland

    hi, I was trying to compile my problem and after like fifty tries I finally got all the kinks out. Or so I thought. I am using Borland 2.5 or so, on the command line, and after it brought up the borland builder with no problems it came up with the linker and gave me like ten lines of errors about unresolved external in 200.obj. I'm not sure what this means and was wondering if you could help. Oh, and I am using apstring in the program and was wondering if that was the problem.

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    Have a look here. About 2/3 way down the page is an entry:
    >I have included apstring.h into my program but I am still getting a long list of errors.
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    Thanks all, Hammers place helped me fix the problem. Hammer, YOU ROCK!

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