Thread: What does this error mean?

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    What does this error mean?

    I'm using Bloodshed Dev-C++ and I just started learning C++, so please dont get mad at me if the answer is obvious:

    I just wrote a small program, and it gives me this error:

    Line 16 c:\c__sou~1\q.cpp
    initialization to `char' from `const char *' lacks a cast

    could anyone tell me what this means?


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    Yes I could, but I may be wrong without seeing the code. Please post the offending code.
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    Here's the source:

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>

    int main()

    char ans1;
    char ans2;
    char ans3;
    char ans4 = "a";
    char ans5 = "c";
    char ans6 = "b";

    cout<<"Welcome to ";
    cout<<"Questions and Answers v1.0beta";
    cout<<"\nPlease type the letter of your answer in lower-case and press enter\n\n"
    <<"1: When the Nintendo was released in Japan, what was its original name?\n"
    <<"A.Famicom\nB.Magic Gray Game Box\nC.Tanacom\nYour Answer: ";
    cout<<"\n\n2: Sega made a hand-held video game system which looks similar to the Gameboy Advance. What was it called?\n"
    <<"A.Gameboy Pocket\nB.NeoGeo Pocket\nC.Game Gear\nYour Answer: ";
    cout<<"\n\n3: True or false, Sega created an add-on to the Sega Genesis called the 32X?\n"
    <<"A.No\nB.Yes\nYour Answer: ";
    cout<<"\n\n\nPlease wait while your score is calculated..."

    if(ans1 == ans4) {
    cout<<"Question 1: Correct.\n";
    else {
    cout<<"Question 1: Incorrect. Answer: Famicom.\n";
    if(ans2 == ans5) {
    cout<<"Question 2: Correct.\n";
    else {
    cout<<"Question 2: Incorrect. Answer: Game Gear.\n";
    if(ans3 == ans6) {
    cout<<"Question 3: Correct.\n";
    else {
    cout<<"Question 3: Incorrect. Answer: Yes.\n";

    cout<<"\n\n\nThank you for playing!\n\n";

    return 0;

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    >char ans4 = "a";
    No, a single char cannot hold two characters. The double quotes say that this is a string, which is actually represented as

    "a" == 'a', '\0'

    Which results in an error because this is an invalid assignment.

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    thanks for telling me

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    In case you didn't figure it out just use single quotes.

    char ans4 = 'a';

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