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    Question How without using gotoxy ?

    If I wanted to print the word John for example on the screen starting at the end with the n and backing up each letter so next would be h, o, J but it would read correctly as John any ideas on how to go about this? The only thing I can think of is using gotoxy but it seems like there would be an easier way than a bunch of gotoxy's. You don't have to write it for me. I enjoy it more when I've done it, but a start or idea would be appreciated. thnks

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    I am not sure if I understand you correctly but this might work

    Create an array with four chars and fill it with spaces

    Set the last char to n and print the whole array to the screen

    backstep four times (printf("\b\b\b\b"))

    and so on

    You probably want to add some delay in there to so that the user actually see that you are doing it from the end.
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    One way is to print a dummy string with all spaces. Then fill the dummy string starting at the right end and printing it again.
    You will have to use gotoxy(...) so the dummy string prints in the same position each time.

    Dont forget that the dummy must have /0 as its last char.
    If the dummy string is char dummy[5] (enough to hold "John),
    then start filling at dummy[3] and end at dummy[0].

    Hope this helps.
    You learn something new everyday.

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