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    Okay, figured it out... still having a little difficulty understanding the for, while and do while loops, and I just don't blimey get 3 and 4!

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    Oh and thats me btw

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    Look at the pattern on 4...

    If it's the 1st, 3rd, or 5th character on the line, it's a 1 (so, if it's odd, it's one, otherwise it's 0). Are you sure it's supposed to have 1 asterisk, then 3, then 4? That seems like a weird pattern (I say that because it's a pretty standard beginner's program)...

    About the flames - cut it out, y'all...

    civix: People like you are just stupid...(that or Athiest)

    Keep in mind - there's tons of people on the board that are atheists....

    Klinerr: i have no clue what your talking about, c++ programers hang aroudn here, not c,

    For the record, most people here check all the boards. Also, even though what he wrote is C, there's ntohing there that wouldn't compile on a C++ compiler... Let's let it go, guys.

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