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    Unhappy Throw me a bone...

    im new to C++ and new to programming.
    Im using the Dev Compiler v4.1
    Could someone plz explain this:

    when i create a project, it makes me save

    then when i compile, i have to save again!

    Next: I try typing in the "hello world program." Doesnt work, i get this strange error message. So then i cut and plaste the little "hello world program."

    Then the thing says "Why do u want to compile an empty project."

    Im really confused, if this is the easiest compiler to work with then im really in for it

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    When you want to write programs, you need to:
    1. create a new project
    2. then save the project
    3. then create a source file
    4. then save that
    5. then you need to add to source file(.cpp) to the project
    6. then and only then may you compile the code

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    Many programs you make won't necessitate a project to be made. Just open a new cpp files, write your code and compile. You only need projects for linking (i use the word "need" loosely).

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    Also, master, with devc++4, you need a project to assign icons...

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