Thread: char number to same int number

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    char number to same int number

    What's the function that allows you to convert a number in a character or string into an integer? What library is it in?

    char foo = '2';
    int footoo = function(foo);

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    I think you are looking for atoi(), declared in stdlib.h.

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    I think that message board you were looking for was the faq

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    I think you should go **** yourself and your dog while you're at it.
    Thanks, "The Dog".

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    >I think you should go **** yourself and your dog while you're at it.
    I think you should be more polite to those who are trying to help you. You'll note that if you had done any research you would have found the information on your own very quickly. If you want your questions to keep getting answered then you would do well to be thankful for what you get.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    That's the beauty of unregistered posts
    You don't have to be polite.

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    Prelude and Cshot,

    This individual is obviously an ill-mannered boor and it's beneath the dignity of both of you to waste your time.

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