Thread: Please Try out my Utility Program!!!

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    Talking randomize.

    I'm using randomize....working on an update right now to to select what random number between X and X...i really didnt mean this as competition to calc.exe, i originally compiled it for myself, to do my math homework and computer science...but since everybody likes it so good, ill probably keep it up for download...i originally based this program off of klinner1's computer utensil, but once i beat his interface, and features, that all went to utensil 1.0 has a slightly less functional calc to my ultra-calc, and the hex code features are basically the same, although Comp-Master 1.0 has the random feature, which i'm updating, Computer Utensil is probably pretty inferior (no offense to you, daniel, cause i just know youll see this, you check my posts virtually every day) I have the slight feeling that klinner1 is going to make a huge update to computer utensil, so i had better work fast to keep up..

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    For the menu system you might want to try taking the users input into a big buffer, typically 512, and perform atoi on the buffer array. Pass the retruned value through a switch structure, and use the default option for invalid entries. At the moment, the program crashes by entering invlaid options.
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    Hey, nice work!

    I'm workin' on my first real program too... Just don't know what to include in it...

    I'm 13 also, but age doesn't matter!

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    Heheh, your ultra-rand isn't working so well... I tried 10 times. the first couple numbers were pretty close together; then for the next 5 or 6, each number was exactly 3 greater than the previous one... I don't know if I could do any better though, so I guess I won't criticize you (I'm only 15! ).

    *BTW, I tried making a Windows calculator before, but sacked it when I found out the highest number I could input had (I think) less than 10 digits... so naturally, I had to shrink the edit box that you type in - when it was done shrinking, it was just over half an inch long
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    I had no issues with ASCII stuff, maybe it's just me. The random thing yes needs work, but all in all it's a nice program. My first calculator program was, needless to say, pathetic. Very good! I'm 15, and i started programming at about 13, and I was still on "Hello World" at that point. Now I'm on to Windows programming. Very good again, definitley a keeper, don't toss it!


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