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    Question Another Question!

    I've been playing around with MSVC++ for a bit now. Quite annoy I might add. I don't get it. How the hell are we (newbies) supposed to know what to do. I tried reading the HELP, and search on many websites... They don't tell you the basics! Why?
    For example... when you first enter the program, then click on
    File/New... you get a list of what you want to pick. What the hell...

    Active Server Page
    Binary File
    Bitmap File
    C/C++ Header File
    C++ Source File
    Cursor File...
    and the list goes on, and thats only under the Files tab...under the Projects are a lot more.

    Can somebody just please tell me which file type i should pick to write a simple program.

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    Firstly VC++ is a commercial application, not really designed for beginners - so yeah it isn't newbie friendly. You could get a C++ book that has examples designed for VC++. They usually walk you throught all of the aspects of creating a project workspace, compiling, debugging etc.

    But to get started..

    1. Select File/New - A dialogue box will appear
    2. Select Win32 Console program from the projects tab
    3. Name your project.. something like "prog1" or whatever
    4. Press OK
    5. Make sure the "empty project" radio button is selected (its the default).
    6. Press FINISH
    7. A dialogue box asking you to confirm will appear, press ok.

    Now you have the project space in which to work.

    8. Select File/New
    9. Select C++ file
    10. Name your file, something like "main", if you are writing a C program, you must call it "main.c"
    11. Check that the Add to project check box is checked, and that the project name you just created is in the project name box. Its the default so it should be fine.
    12. Press OK

    You should be good to go now. This was assuming that you were looking to code a Win32 console program in C++.

    Good luck
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    Woah, thanks alot fonik monkee. Not too busy to help a beginner out, good job.

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