Borland Compiler 3.0

Btw, is the full name Borland Turbo Compiler ??? Or Borland Turbo c++ ???

Anyone, want to link my egavga.bgi graphicsdriver to my program so not need to copy it with the exe to a disk to run it somewhere else in graphic mode.
Convreted it to obj-file with BINOBJ.exe, put it in graphics.lib with TLIB.exe as stated within UTIL.DOC that helped me with how to do it.

Then in my program:
int grdriver, grmode;
initgraph (&grdriver, &grmode,0);

But that gives me this error when trying to run/make it:
"Linking Error: Undefined symbol _EGAVGA_driver in module BIN\Program.CPP"

I tried everything I could think of. The help-file totally spitted out, I don't get any wiser out of it.

I would really appreciate the help.
Thanks very much,

Btw, my link in windows is called Turbo C++ IDE, so it should have the Turbo assembler (TASM) with it I think. Doesn't exist tho, anyplace I on the web I can grab that TASM? (as it's free I think)