Thread: Trouble with substring

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    Trouble with substring


    I'am a totally newbie
    I tried all morning to get the firstletter from a string.

    AnsiString SomeText = DBEditVoornaam->Text;
    AnsiString FirstLetter;
    FirstLetter = SubString(0,1)SomeText;

    DBEditVoorletter->Text = FirstLetter;

    I looked in all the help files, but the compiler keeps saying undefined function Substring. (borland)
    I have include string.h in the header

    Can someone help me out, i'm getting desparate

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    FirstLetter = SomeText.substr(0,1);

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    Sure you use it the right way, shouldn't it be something like:

    FirstLetter = SomeText.SubString(0,1);

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    thnx it works

    regards Martijn

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