Thread: Rhide compile menu.

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    Unhappy Rhide compile menu.

    I looked at the help and faq for rhide, but it seems to assume I know more than I do.

    What's the difference between the compile and the make command.

    and what is the *.o file that it sometimes creates. I delete it, and the exe still runs fine.

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    Makefiles are used when your project as more files than one.

    .o is gcc's object file format though you should know that
    most windows/dos compiles use .obj

    you should read with
    info gcc
    and the first two sections

    G++ and GCC and
    Invoking GCC

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    I went looking for the gcc doc you mentioned. I didn't realize the info folder was all documebntents. I thought it was some sort of program data folder. Thanks alot!

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