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    Question kernel32.dll

    I was wondring if anybody knows of an easy was to hook the kernel32.dll, put in new funtions, and recall them at a later time. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    This may help depending on what you're attempting. You may need to be a little more specific.

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    Ok let me see if this helps clear things up:

    For educational purposes only I am trying find ways around a very popular anti-cheat software used on games. Before the last update the most popular method was to hook the games client.dll, but now this does not work because checks for anything running on or above the ring the game is running on. Thus some of us came up with the following idea. If we could just inject or hook the kernel32.dll the way we did the client.dll it would be very hard to detect. If anybody can help me with this I would greatly appretiate it. Tutorials, suggestions, etc is welcomed.

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    Can anybody help?

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    Cheating is bad. kernel32.dll causes me problems. It is bad. Toast is good.
    -Kyoto Oshiro

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    Are you talking about API hooking?

    What exactly do you mean?

    You cant really "hook" a dll, and what code would you want to inject?

    kernel32 is the dll that is loaded into every process space the system loads.......what do you think you will find in there that will help you?

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    First off, like everyone else said "what exactly do you mean?" Secondly, what you are attempting isn't exactly easy to do if you are attempting what I think. And anyways, you shouldn't be bypassing the anti cheat software. As a programmer you should be able to respect someone's program. If they don't want you cheating then you shouldn't. Many games allow room for cheating which is why they have codes or whatever method of cheating that they support. By brute-forcing your own cheating methods you are really trying to break the original intent of the program. I'm not saying it is "bad" in the sense that stealing software is bad. However, i'm saying it is bad to make up your own sport because football has too many rules.

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    why does a game use kernel32.dll to stop cheating?

    and on that note, what IS kernel32.dll?
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