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    Unhappy array question

    i'm completely puzzled by a small problem,
    i would appreciate it if someone could help
    me out.

    outside main i have:

    const int n = 2;

    inside main i have:

    float qr;
    float y[n];

    then, a bit further down, initializing variables:

    qr = 0;
    y[1] = 1.;
    y[2] = 3.;

    when i did cout << qr i got 3 ?!
    when i didn't include y[2] i got 0 as i wanted. probably i'm
    overlooking something with arrays, but i can't seem to figure
    out what it is..... anyway thnx ia for helping me out,


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    The index of an array starts with 0 and not with 1.
    qr = 0; 
    y[0] = 1.0f; 
    y[1] = 3.0f;

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