Thread: How to write to files ?

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    Question How to write to files ?

    I wrote a really cool program that prints the calendar
    of any given year on the screen.. (using printf() )

    Now, I want to print this thing on a file (basically a TXT)..
    how do I do this ?

    I don't have to change most of my code to do this, do I ?

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    to write to files:

    #include <fstream>

    ofstream outfile("myfile.txt");

    then use outfile<< type anything that you need to print to the file myfile.txt


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    Question How do I do this in C ?

    How do I do this in C ?

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    this is what I had used before in a program:

    #include <stdio.h>

    FILE *fp;
    FILE *fopen(char *name, char *mode);

    fp is a pointer to a FILE and fopen returns a pointer to FILE.

    in your program :

    fp = fopen (name, mode);

    name is a character string contains the name of the file(or the one you are creating), mode can be read"r" "a" for append, or "w" write, whihc I'll assume is what you want as you want ot write to a file.

    the website below gives a really good example of writing and reading from files, in C:

    hope this helps!

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    here's another reference to a pretty good C tutorial that has a section on file manipulation.

    after declare a file pointer, associating a file witht the pointer, and declaring mode to open file in, you write to file using the fprintf() function. Basically, any data written to screen with printf() can be written to file with fprintf().

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    Writing to a file is really a useless option.
    This will do the same:

    program > outputfile

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    how is writing to a file a useless option? You are talking about DOS redirection of standard output with the program > outputfile. So what you are suggesting is that no program should ever write to a file outside of DOS redirection? I hope you are joking.

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